Tony Tighe, SEOmoz and FeedtheBot Dropping in at SEM Canada 2008!

Tony Tighe is the consumer advocate on Global News TV Calgary. He has won numerous awards for investigative and feature reports. Tony will be providing us with an exclusive keynote on how the media is being affected by search and the social web. This keynote officially ends Day 1 of the conference at the Roundup Center and promises to be an eye-opener to anyone involved in internet marketing.

SEOmoz is representing their incredible brand, service and search blog by way of the gorgeous Jane Copland. Jane is known throughout the search community for her intuitive, insightful and fun approach to everything SEO including social network marketing.

Patrick Sexton (a.k.a. FeedtheBot) has been involved in the industry for years. He is known throughout the industry for his knowledge, his great personality, and his blogs. (to name one) is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in gadgets. Pat is not a search proponent, he is a traffic guru, and his ideas can sometimes be somewhat not search-based. The panels he will be speaking on promise to be interesting to say the least!

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