Todd Friesen to Keynote at SEM Canada 2008


Not only is Todd (the oilman) Friesen possibly Canada’s greatest SEO export, he is also one of a select group of industry specialists who have been involved in search pretty much since the term SEO was first used in 1997.

Todd is very well known and highly thought of throughout the search community for his in-depth knowledge of everything search-related, his sense of humor, and his approachability. Danny once coined himself Todd’s honorary boss during the online media frenzy of September 2006.

Previously the SEO director of Range Online Media, Todd is now the Vice President of Search Strategies at Visible Technologies in Seattle. Todd will be keynoting at SEM Canada on Day 1.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get Todd’s input on reputation management, and meet him one-on-one during the Q&A sessions at the end of each day. The Q&A should be a good time not only to get your questions answered by the pros, Todd included, in an informal setting, but to network as well. We plan to have a cash bar open during these sessions. Join us!

There’s more about Todd and our other confirmed speakers including Andy Beal, Bill Slawski, Martin Byrne and more on the SEM Canada speaker bio page.

 Find out why you should be attending SEM Canada 2008, and Join Us!

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