Why You Should Attend SEM Canada 2008!

We’ve taken the rather large liberty of breaking down the reasons as to why attending SEM Canada this fall is a great idea!

There are a lot of great reasons to attend SEM Canada if you are someone who:

1. Makes Decisions…
2. Makes it Happen…
3. Is involved in SEM…
4. Are Vaguely Interested…

SEM Canada: For People Who Make Decisions

If you’re a CEO, CMO, SVP, VP or other enviable acronymic title holder, there are a number of reasons to attend SEM Canada.

  • The sessions cover the basics of what SEO is and how it can impact your business in the search engines, and thus your online exposure and ROI.
  • Just because you’re a CEO, a CMO or an SVP doesn’t automatically mean you’ve bumped heads with SEM as yet.
    - It does probably mean that you are aware of the fact that search has gained enormous popularity as an effective marketing tool in recent years due to high, measurable ROI.
    - It also probably means that you are interested in finding out whether diverting your hard earned marketing budget into search is a viable option for your business type and model.
  • If it is something you are aware of and have decided is for your business, you might not be sure of how to apply best practice search to your web site, or how to integrate search effectively into your marketing mix. This is covered in detail in the sessions.
  • Organic and Paid search are both explained, and we look at the merits and demerits of each in terms of durability, expense, exposure, application and measurability.
  • Being at a senior level, you are interested in measurable facts and figures. We cover web analytics for search in both the beginner and advanced sessions.
  • Educating out your knowledge to your team might be difficult. Therefore if you decide to come, and if you bring an additional 2-7 members of staff with you, we’ll give you a 10% discount. If you want to bring 8 or more people with you, we’ll discount your rate by 15%. Please call (403) 714-6170 or email to register your group today!

2. SEM Canada: For the people Who Make it Happen

So, you’re an Art Director, IA Director, Design Director, Web Dev Lead, Senior Copy Writer, eMS Director, or other experienced marketing or design person involved in making things happen for your company online. We’re here to make your life a little easier.

  • We cover where to integrate SEO, how it fits with IA, design, dev and copy.
  • SEO needs to be integrated from the beginning. It is not mutually exclusive. It HAS to work hand-in-hand with the other disciplines, and SEO has no right to an ego.
  • We’ll cover what constitutes ‘good’ SEO and how it impacts all related business practices and units.
  • We cover where SEO fits into the marketing mix, and how it depends on other influences.
  • We cover research on the combined effects of SEO, paid search, banner ads, offline advertising and well defined landing pages. (If you are interested in a future session or independent seminar or white paper on landing page design for effective conversions, let us know.)
  • We look at primary web dev issues with SEO (these guys are smart – they generally get it fast but can be reluctant adopters)
  • We look at primary web design issues (these guys are pros and are generally even less comfortable with adopting SEO as they perceive it).
  • We’re here to tell you that you can have Flash, and Ajax; you can have big images and pretty fonts, heck you can use JavaScript. Blinding, confusing or antagonizing the engines is in many cases easier to accomplish entirely unintentionally than annoying your actual customers online. So while your consumers might be happy, the spiders might be thoroughly, and unnecessarily, peeved.
  • Copywriter and content writer leads. In the ‘SEO dream world’ it falls to you guys to be the driving force. But you can’t do that without some cross-discipline SEO training. The sessions will help you to gain a broader understanding to allow you to be not only the driving force, but the mediator as well. If you are interested in a future session, independent seminar or white paper dedicated to SEO Copy, let us know.

3. SEM Canada: For the SEO’s

  • What? SEO in detail from beginner to advanced, including:
  • For Newbie SEOs: Choose from sessions that introduce:
    • SEO and keyword research tips, tools and techniques;
    • How to conduct an SEO gap analysis;
    • How to integrate SEO onpage and offpage (in your design and in your marketing);
    • Paid search integration;
    • One on one time with the speakers, and;
    • Much, much more….
  • For Advanced SEO’s, take your pick of:
    • Duplicate content, CMS, multiple sites, Flash, Ajax and JavaScript issues discussed;
    • Advanced keyword research, applications and link building techniques;
    • SEO and SMM;
    • New patents and the Next frontier, as well as;
    • One on one time with the speakers.
  • Why? Because we’d love you to join us for the virst conference in the series (and we’ve cut the all inclusive attendance ticket price to $895 for the full 2 days.)

4. SEM Canada: For the Vaguely Interested

  • It’s in beautiful Calgary, the Heart of the New West, less than 2 hours drive to Banff, Jaspar and Lake Lousie in the Rocky Mountains.
  • It’s our first event so we’re offering great discounts to groups.
  • We have uber experienced world renowned SEO specialist speakers.
  • The sessions speak to all levels of experience and understanding of SEO.
  • There will be ample opportunity to meet one-on-one with the speakers of your choice at the end of both days.
  • Great social and networking opportunities.
  • Fantastic exhibition and sponsorship packages.
  • World-class conference venue at the Calgary Stampede Round-up Center.
  • Tony Tighe (…if you’re a Calgarian that will mean something…) will be keynoting on the internet and consumer awareness on Thursday evening just prior to our big social event.
  • Martin Byrne (Director of Search Marketing, Yahoo! Canada), and Todd Friesen (VP Search Strategies, Visible Technologies, Seattle) will be another keynote.
  • And much, much more

Join us! September 4th and 5th 2008.

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