WestJet, our new transportation partner

We’re thrilled to announce that WestJet has just partnered up with us, offering a 10% discount off their best available regular fare at the time of booking.

In honor of this, I’d like to present 3 reasons West Jet is an excellent partner for us:

  1. We both put our customers first. WestJet has a great track record of excellent customer support and social awareness, very similar to how we deal with each and every conference booking (sending a personal thank you e-mail), and giving 100% attention to any customer questions.
  2. We listen. WestJet is pretty transparent and honest in their public relations, just as we strive to be. Many of the suggestions sent to us via our blog, twitter, and e-mail have been taken to heart and implemented.
  3. We love what we do. What made WestJet as successful as it is? Love (and a lot of hard work), it’s the same with us. There has been lots of stress, small failures, and huge successes - all things you encounter on the road to building anything worthwhile.

We’ve setup a new Flights to Calgary page with information on booking your flight using the WestJet discount.

As always we encourage any suggestions or feedback, so e-mail us or comment on this blog.

The SEM Canada Team

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